pursuing in your nursing career

Specialty nursing is a broad diverse and complex area. Adaptation integration and change constantly underpin practice in any discipline where research is continually undertaken to ensure contemporary best practice. The context clinical practice research and governing structures that frame the profession can impact on the delivery content and outcomes in specialty areas of nursing.
On the following page you will find a list of the 18 specialty areas of nursing and midwifery that have currently been identified in Australia. This has been taken from your first reading for this subject A National Specialisation Framework for Nursing and Midwifery (National Nursing & Nursing Education Taskforce [N3ET] 2006 p. 14). This is an important document for you to read. The framework outlines how the specialty areas were determined and list not only the specialty areas in Australia but also the evolving specialty areas (practice strands) of which 50 have been identified.
From this list of specialty areas and practice strands consider a specialty or evolving specialty that you are interested in investigating and/or pursuing in your nursing career. This may be a specialty where you have enjoyed working in; one you have read extensively about; or an area to which you seem to have a natural affinity. It may be that you have had conversations with someone who works in the specialty and you would like to know more about it. Whatever your choice decide on a specialty area that interests you as this helps maintain your motivation and deepens your learning.


pursuing in your nursing career
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