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For this assignment, you will work on setting goals for yourself using the SMART method. You will find an explanation of this method in the module that will guide you in your goal-setting process. You will list a minimum of five professional goals that you would like to accomplish during the clinical experience in this term. For each goal, you must provide an explanation of how the goal is representative of each of the SMART characteristics: Specific, Measurable, Attainable, Realistic, Timely. Be sure to answer the following questions for each goal summary: Can you measure it? Is it attainable? Is it realistic? What is the time frame you have set for completing that goal?
Please make sure paper is based on Psychotherapy for a clinical session with a Preceptor lasting 6 weeks

Format: Each goal summary should be at least 100 words – totaling 500 words for this assignment. The presentation is original work and logically organized, formatted, and cited in the current APA style, including citation of references. Please include the 6 Ws:


Who is involved?


What would I like to accomplish?


Where is this happening?


When do I start/finish?


Identify requirements and constraints


Why am I doing this? Specific reasons, purpose or benefits!