List of the Advantages of Electronic Health Records

A potential benefit to EMR is that a patient’s chart can be traced. This trace can provide the username of the person who has accessed it. An equal potential risk within this, is that users must be extremely vigilant with passwords and locking computers. Otherwise, someone else can log into, and/or access a patient’s chart using someone else’s information.

Healthcare technology trends I believe to be most promising for impacting healthcare technology in nursing practice are Patient Portals. Although this trend is not something that’s been newly offered, I believe that with COVID-19, it may be used more. The use of a patient portal can improve patient outcomes by having a direct non-emergent line of communication with a patient’s nurse (OpenEMR, 2020). This can be utilized for questions, appointments, medication refills, care plans, and even triage advise. This correspondence will be electronically. Therefore, any communication will be done in writing. This can aid within miscommunication and easy recall for both the nurse and patient.Potential Benefit to EMR Essay

An EHR, or an electronic health record, is a digital version of a person’s overall medical history. EHRs are maintained by one provider, but can be shared to specialists and other medical caregivers when needed to maintain accurate information. All key clinical data that is relevant to the development of a treatment plan is maintained in this one file.

Information may include progress or interview notes, medications being taken, a history of medical appointments, and even demographic information.

The advantage of using electronic health records is that they offer a higher level of accuracy. Instead of relying on word-of-mouth information, providers can instantly access the file to determine what has happened over time to the health of a patient.

The disadvantage of EHRs is that, like any other item that has been digitized, there is a risk that it could be accessed by an unauthorized party. It isn’t just hackers that could find themselves in the medical file of a patient. The US Department of Health and Human Services notes a complaint where an HMO sent an entire medical record to a disability insurance company without authorization.Potential Benefit to EMR Essay

Here are some additional advantages and disadvantages of electronic health records to think about and discuss.

List of the Advantages of Electronic Health Records
1. There is a financial incentive for medical providers.
Medical providers who computerize their traditional records with a certified EHR provide the necessary demonstration of meaningful use that the US government requires. That allows them to obtain or continue receiving the financial incentives that programs such as Medicaid or Medicare offer. Government mandates encourage the use of an EHR to make patient care more efficient.

2. Proper information is easier to document.
Most electronic health record systems make it possible to create templates. Those templates direct caregivers to enter specific notes or records for every patient, making it possible to accurately document required information on a patient-to-patient basis. Even though different visits might require different documentation, the EHR makes it possible to stop data loss by offering reminders of what needs to be done.Potential Benefit to EMR Essay

3. Patients have better access to their medical records.
With an electronic health records initiative, many medical providers have created online portals. These portals allow patients to access their medical records whenever they wish, as long as they have a secure data or internet connection. This allows every patient to reference a treatment plan or understand how their doctor sees their current state of health at any time.

4. It saves time.
When a patient portal is introduced with an EHR system, it can be setup so that patients can input their own data directly into their records. Instead of spending 20 minutes filling out paperwork at the doctor’s office before a visit, they can enter their data directly into their file days, if not weeks, before their scheduled visit. It saves them time and it saves time on the administrative work by the medical provider.

5. Orders can be initiated with greater speed.
With an EHR system, doctors can immediately place orders for imaging or laboratory work. This reduces the chance of an error occurring because the handwriting of the doctor is difficult to decipher. This benefit extends to the placement of a prescription order as well. An electronic order can be sent directly to the pharmacy of choice for a patient. By the time a person gets to the pharmacy, their order could potentially be ready.Potential Benefit to EMR Essay

6. Billing can become more accurate.
Electronic records can also capture the use of facility resources more accurately, making it possible for the billing record of a patient to be more accurate. Although patients may not see any change because of this advantage, third-party payers, such as an insurance company, will have a complete record for activity and charges. This can maximize the revenues that a medical provider can achieve.