How does a doctorally prepared nurse work across and between levels of an organization?

How does a doctorally prepared nurse work across and between levels of an organization?

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The role of the DNP nurse is set to make an impact in varying tracts. The DNP nurse will be a leader, change agent, evaluators and program developers (Doctor of Nursing Practice, n.d.). The DNP nurse will make impacts in the varying tracts in which they work, whether it be in leadership, education, nurse practitioner, CRNA, CNS or other roles that will require a DNP or another doctorate degree (Doctor of Nursing Practice, n.d.). The nurse needs to ensure they have the realization that they are working in a professional capacity (Doctor of Nursing Practice, n.d.). The nursing profession has struggled with the professional image and ensuring that we are recognized as a profession, this is certainly one of the challenges that continues to impede the impact we can make as nurses (Burke, 2016). Working as a DNP nurse one of my main roles will be to impact how we can be better viewed as a highly regarded profession.
The DNP nurse will need to understand the process of change and how to work through the processes in whatever area they are practicing. There are varying models that can be utilized in the change process and having the working knowledge of the processes and what process is utilized in the system where they are practicing is essential. Currently working in a system that utilizing the plan-do-check-act(PDCA) model I would need to ensure that I am using this tool when looking to implement change (ASQ, 2018). Since we looked at organizational structures and identifying that I work for a very hierarchal organization it will be the role of the DNP nurse to navigate the path of the pyramid. I would hope as a DNP prepared nurse that I could make a difference at all levels to ensure that the bedside nurse feels like they have a voice at the top of the pyramid (Morgan, 2015). The many layers that are involved with a hierarchal organization are sometimes daunting and hard to navigate for those that are working directly at the bedside. The reward of being the person advocating for change and seeing the change happen is one positive. There are certainly challenges in trying to make change happen in the hierarchal organization and being prepared to manage and deal with them will be vital. You need to ensure you are both professionally and personally prepared to manage both the challenges and rewards. Hopefully you an use the good times to build you up for when the struggles come your way.

How does a doctorally prepared nurse work across and between levels of an organization? What are the challenges and/or rewards to be gained? Does one outweigh the other?
Currently, many variations of nursing degrees exist, allowing one to choose an educational program that suits his or her professional goals best. A doctorate in nursing is the highest level of achievement for the profession, which allows individuals to both work with patients and manage organizations by being leaders (Chism, 2016). The organizational leadership and understanding of the concepts that underline the functioning of the healthcare system in the US in general and in particular medical establishments allow these nurses to be managers of their establishments as well. Additionally, the understanding of healthcare policies and evidence-based practices is an essential component of doctorate nursing programs.
The challenges in this regard include a difference between physicians training and that of a doctorate nurse. The former is more detailed and oriented towards treating patients while the latter is based on understanding the structure of healthcare delivery in the US (“Doctor of nursing practice degree (DNP),” 2015). The focus, thus, is on ensuring that a nurse who obtained a doctorate has sufficient knowledge regarding managing healthcare organizations in the existing environment, which includes unstinting standard practices, reimbursement process, and other elements.
The rewards include an ability to be a leader of a healthcare organization, improve processes to ensure that patients receive the best quality of care. Therefore, a doctorally prepared nurse works across and between different levels of organization because he or she can fulfill the managerial roles. This is because the key of the program is organizational leadership and its impact on clinical outcomes of patients, thus, the rewards outweigh the challenges.


How does a doctorally prepared nurse work across and between levels of an organization?
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