How do you think your coach can help you?

How do you think your coach can help you?



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Week 1 Discussion

Practitioner Strengths 

There were a lot of positives to the way that the practitioner operated with the participant. Their questions were pointed towards patient emotional and behavioral observations. Rather than direct questions, the practitioner did a good job of easing into difficult topics and encouraging the patients to express themselves (American Nurses Association, 2014). One aspect that was important to all the patients were having meaningful and confidential communication. It is important that the therapist continues these techniques to ensure a beneficial collaboration.

Areas of Improvement 

The practitioner needed more experience in gathering information from a neutral perspective. Many people’s opinions can interfere with objective analysis perspectives. This was an issue because of the way that patient’s immediate family was involved with treatment. Instead of presenting options in an objective way the therapist alluded to agreeing with the patient’s mother’s opinion regarding anger issues Though this took place subtly, it could ultimately influence the comfort level of the patient or their perspective on treatment (American Psychological Association, 2017). An area of improvement would be focused on empathetic yet neutral conversation that does not show signs of judgment or personal bias.

Compelling Concerns 

At this point in the discussion, the biggest concern is whether the patient will be honest regarding is condition. There seems to be an element of trust between the patient and the care provider. This is something that is not inherent to the relationship between the patient and his mother. As a therapist, it is concerning to see the anger and difficulty with communication between the patient and his mother. This must be managed and addressed in order to prevent further developmental problems (American Psychological Association, 2017).

Next Questions 

“How do you think your coach can help you?” Since there are underlying issues for the patient it is important that changes in this relationship are addressed early on.  The biggest issue is the patient’s inability to communicate well with those close to him/ Another question may explore his confidence in discussion with his girlfriend. Establishing a baseline of contacts who get to engage deeply with the patient can help steady the relationships that are not going well (Kaplan, 2017). His anger also seems to be minimized when dealing with his girlfriend, making her an important step in understanding the patient’s overall mental framework.


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How do you think your coach can help you?
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