Design a study to decrease the incidence of smoking in teenagers.

Design a study to decrease the incidence of smoking in teenagers.


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2. Course Materials:
a. Public Health Nursing: Population-Centered Health Care in the Community
• Author: Marcia Stanhope and Jeanette Lancaster
• Publisher: Elsevier Mosby
• Edition: 9th (2016)
• Availability: Available in your Vital Source Bookshelf

ISBN: 9780323321532

b. A Pocket Style Manual (APA Version)
• Author: Hacker, Diana
• Publisher: Bedford St. Martins
• Edition: 7th
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• ISBN: 9781319117085
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Prompt 1
Within your community, there has been a large increase in teenage smoking, and community leaders are developing a plan to decrease the incidence of smoking. To help them, you will:
A) Develop a research question to address the problem.
B) Determine what kind of study should be undertaken.
C) Design a study to decrease the incidence of smoking in teenagers.

You need to remember what a research question is first… so start by ensuring you understand what it is and how to develop one. Do a bit of research and determine what a research question is and what makes a good research question. It should be clear and focused, but yet not something that can be answered in a few statements of fact. Truly on of the most important parts of the research process is forming the actual research question. So take time and seek out the best way to develop this question, and although it is already focused on a particular topic, there is still room to complete steps A-C in the discussion. What did you find most interesting about the assignment? Anything new?