Describe at least one ethical issue that today’s modern nurse may face

Describe at least one ethical issue that today’s modern nurse may face

RNs are tasked with comprehending how an individual’s genetic makeup may predispose them to certain diseases or change the way a particular drug acts differently in one client than it does in most others. Technological advances in the areas of science and medicine allow the healthcare team to identify some risk factors that influence health. An understanding of how genomics (the study of the impact of genetics on health) influences early detection of disease processes can assist the nurse in encouraging early detection as a way to promote health.
Upon completion of this assignment, you should be able to:
• Describe the impact of genomics on an individual client.
• Describe an ethical issue related to genomics.

By using genomics as a tool, healthcare workers are sometimes able to predict the probability of a client developing a health problem in the future. Nurses collect health histories by asking questions about the health of family members in order to determine the client’s risk factors for many different types of health problems. Assessment of a genetic tendency for a health problem will allow the astute nurse to identify interventions that may prevent or minimize the problem in the future.

  1. In your textbook Health & Physical Assessment in Nursing, read:
    a. Chapter 8, “The Health History”
  2. Read the article, “Mapping the Human Genome: Implications for Practice.” To obtain the article please contact Off Campus Library Services (OCLS email form; or call 800.521.1848) to receive a scanned copy of this article. The library only has it in print so it must be requested. You should receive it by email within one day.
  3. Find a recent scholarly article that discusses the ethical impact of genetics testing on nursing practice today.
  4. Develop a genogram spanning at least three generations.
    a. You may use actual or imagined data. If using actual data, be aware of HIPAA regulations.
    b. You may use any Internet genogram template, such as the one available on the My Family Health Portrait site at
    i. For instructions on the My Family Health Portrait site, click here.
    c. An alternative genogram template is also available in a Word document format at
    d. Another alternative genogram program is SmartArt in Word. For instructions to build SmartArt, click here.
  5. Analyze the data in the genogram and address the following in a one- to two-page paper:
    a. Describe at least one genetic “red flag” that is a risk factor in the family tree of the individual you assessed, using evidence-based practice principles.
    b. Write two interventions that you world recommended to prevent or minimize the harmful effects of the health problem.
    c. Describe at least one ethical issue that today’s modern nurse may face related to the genomics uncovered in your genog


Describe at least one ethical issue that today’s modern nurse may face
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