Cochrane Nursing Care Field

This assessment ask you to provide a commentary on a Cochrane Review. Cochrane Nursing Care Field (CNCF) ‘Cochrane Corners’ are an explanation and interpretation of an original Cochrane Review written by nurses for nurses to highlight the relevance for nursing practice. If you would like more information about CNCF ‘Cochrane Corners’ go to:
1. Submit Draft (optional) Due Semester Week 3 You can score up to 5 marks for submitting a draft version of this assessment. This is to encourage you to start your assessment early. The draft must contain a reasonable amount of relevant content and demonstrate genuine progress in the assessment. There will be no written feedback provided on the draft but there will be dedicated time to discuss your draft with tutors during tutorials.
2. NMBA Registration Standard Identify which NMBA Registration Standards this assessment aligns with and explain why these Standards are important to nursing practice (approximately 100 words).
3. Background Describe what this review is about and why this research was conducted. Which parts of this review are relevant and interesting to you as a student nurse? You can contribute to this section with insights on the relevance to nursing by using additional references. It must not be a direct cut and paste (approximately 200 words).
4. Objective/s Objectives are sometimes referred to as Aims or Questions. In your own words, describe what this review is aiming to achieve. This information will come mainly from the systematic review report. It must not be a direct cut and paste. (Approximately 100 Words)


Cochrane Nursing Care Field
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