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Celebrity Personality Analysis

Celebrity Personality Analysis (Serena Williams)

Personality Theory

Celebrity Personality Analysis (Serena Williams)


  • Select a public figure (athlete, celebrity, politician, etc.) or fictional character
  • Find out everything you can about them. You can use any and all sources you’d like, but you should lean on sources that are primary (e.g., interviews, authorized biographies, notable websites), rather than gossipy
  • Apply ONE of the theories we’ve discussed this semester to explain this individual’s personality
  • Prepare a detailed outline of your findings, which includes information in the section below (see format below)
  • Prepare an annotated references section that includes at LEAST four sources (see format below)

Grading and Evaluation:

  • The outline and annotated references are worth 5% of your grade
  • Your grade will be based on the following
    • Following instructions (providing an outline and references, using at least four sources, etc.)
    • The detail included in your outline
    • Whether you’ve used the references in your annotated references to support your application of a theory
    • Your use of APA style throughout

Format for Outline

Note: This section can contain bullet points, but try to provide as much detail as possible. Doing so will better prepare you for your paper AND will give the instructor an idea of whether you’re on the right track. You should draw from your Theory Journal entries and any other related assignments as much as possible when preparing this.

  1. Introduction – Introduce and give a general overview of what you will be covering in the paper, including stating the theory that you’ll be applying and who you’ll be applying it to.
  2. Overview of Theories – Discuss key concepts of each of the following Theories of Personality (final paper will require about 1 paragraph per theory, similar to your Theory Journal entries):
    1. Biology of Personality
    1. Evolutionary Psychology
    1. Behaviorism and Learning
    1. Humanism and Positive Psychology
    1. Trait Theories and The Big Five
    1. Situationist Theory
    1. Person x Situation Interaction Theory
    1. Self-Discrepancy Theory
  3. Case Study
    1. Biography of case study – summary of their life
    1. Theory application – choose one of the above theories to explain your case study’s personality and how it has contributed to their behavior and outcomes. For example, analyze this person from psychoanalytic perspective: Include childhood experiences. Does this person demonstrate aspects of the id, ego, and superego? Have they demonstrated any defense mechanisms? Are there any aspects of their unconscious that seep into their visible behaviors? This entire section should be supported with references provided in your annotated references. These references do not need to be peer-reviewed, but see above for examples of acceptable references. 
  4. Theory evaluation – What does this case study tell you whether the theory you applied is “the best” theory for understanding personality? Based on what you wrote here, does this theory apply well to this person? What about to other people? In other words, should we use this theory when describing most people?

Format and Sample Annotated References

Note: Each entry in your annotated references list should follow the format below. You need FOUR entries in your annotated references list.


  • Brief summary of the reference as it pertains to this assignment (e.g., biographical information, quotations, etc.). Basically, this is where you indicate HOW you plan to use this reference in your