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Case 2.2 Unit 2 – Joining the Guided Pathways Movement


Case 2.2 Unit 2 – Joining the Guided Pathways Movement

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NOTE: Although the names used in this case are fictitious, the events are part of the instructor’s professional experience.


  1. Using one or more of the follower typologies (excluding McGregor) in the Unit Two readings (Topic Four, Followership), how would you categorize these groups? Explain why you selected the follower types that you did and be sure to identify the typologies by including the names of the authors associated with them. Keep in mind that people in the groups below most certainly have leader responsibilities; nonetheless, for the purpose of this Case Study they should all be considered followers of those in positions above them in the organizational structure.
    1. Full-time faculty teaching elective courses in the arts, humanities, and social sciences
    2. Full-time faculty teaching in career and technical education
    3. Full-time faculty teaching remedial courses in math, writing and reading
    4. Deans of arts, humanities and social sciences
    5. Deans of career and technical education
    6. Academic advisors
    7. Student Affairs administrators (Deans or Vice Presidents)
    8. Vice Presidents of Academic Affairs

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